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  1. the investigators of arkham horror
    The Ancient Ones, beings so impossible that to behold them is to lose one's mind stir in their slumber. To herald their awakening, cultists prepare malefic rituals from blasphemous tomes. The barriers between our world and other dimensions have been rent asunder, unleasing unspeakable monstrosities from impossible realities to prowl city streets under cover of darkness. Only a few brave men and women who have stumbled upon these threats have the strength and courage to confront them. But at...

  2. automobiles


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    Drivers, start your Engines! Will you cross the finish line first? Now is your chance to find out The boardgame Automobiles is a deck-building game where the fun is cubed. Instead of cards, you'll be building your collection with cubes. Your cubes not only allow you to race your car around the track, but they will also allow you to improve your handling, optimize your pit crew and boost your speed, which are your keys to victory Be the first to cross...

  3. Canalis


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    Canalis is a game of building a new district in the city-state of Tempest, arranging canals and placing buildings in such a manner that it gives the most benefit. Players use a mixture of card drafting and tile laying to build the district, while each player also has a secret mission that can give bonus points at the end of the game Players will have to place canals to connect their buildings to the resources and the harbour, and try to lure the peasants into their...

  4. Kraftwagen v6 edition

    Kraftwagen V6 Edition

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    In Germany in 1888, Bertha Benz, wife of auto pioneer Carl Benz, undertook the first cross-country drive in an automobile. While making the trek from Mannheim to Pforzheim, her car ran out of fuel in Wiesloch. Mrs. Benz stopped into the city drugstore to obtain the appropriate chemicals to make more fuel, effectively creating the world´s first gas station. By the year 1928, Germany possessed a dense road network where combustion engines had triumphed over electric and steam...

  5. plague inc the boardgame

    Plague Inc: The Boardgame

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    Warning - boardgames spread diseases... You are all deadly plagues - can you infect the world? Starting with patient zero, infect cities across the globe, collect DNA points and evolve unique sympthoms to customise your pathogen as you compete against each other to be the first to wipe out humanity Plague Inc: The Boardgame is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction based on the smash hit video game. Plague Inc. clear and intuitive game mechanics...

  6. Prophecy


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    A hero of royal blood, armed with the armor of the ancient kings shall seat himself upon the throne and end these days of darkness Does the blood of the ancient kings flow in your veins? Do you have the power to use the artifacts from the Astral planes and become the king? There is only one way to find out... Prophecy is a boardgame for 2 to 5 players in which they chose a character from the 10 different possibilities and enter a world of brigands, thieves, demons...

  7. runewars miniatures game

    Runewars Miniatures Game

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    The Runewars Miniatures Game is a game of epic battles set in the Runebound universe Deploy your army, with ranked infantry, swift cavalry, powerful siege creatures and awe-inspiring heroes. Issue hidden commands to each unit, planning your strategy. Then reveal your commands to loose massed bowfire, launch bold charges and unleash devastating magic upon the enemy.. But beware, your opponent has plans as well and may thwart your masterstroke Runewars includes...

  8. the daedalus sentence

    The Daedalus Sentence

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    The Daedalus sentence is a cooperative boardgame for 1 to 4 players. To win it, all players must collectively escape the Hive prison by breaking out of each ring and reaching the escape pod, without being captured by the guards Each character has special abilities to help the team survive and escape. The game also includes a 5 player Hive Commander one-against-all variant: Ariadne's Thread The Daedalus sentence is played on a specially made board with rotating...

  9. Vast: The Crystal Caverns

    Vast: The Crystal Caverns

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    The dragon has been asleep for many long years. In that time, the cave under which it slumbered has changed greatly…Goblins and strange monsters have filled its gloomy depths and there are whispers that the cave itself has begun thinking, shifting, and growing evermore dangerous. Still, stories of peril rarely overshadow the rumors of riches. And riches there may be… For where a dragon slumbers, there also lies a fiercely guarded treasure. Fortunately for the slumbering...

  10. yamatai

    Yamataï - Yamatai

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    For Queen Himiko's Smile Queen Himiko has tasked every builder in the kingdom with a prestigious mission: build the capital of Yamataï and make it the jewel of the archipelago. Your task: surpass your competitors and build the most prestigious city of them all, using rescources from the fleets that travel through the kingdom. Prepare your strategy, recruit specialists and do whatever is necessary to become the best builder and be rewarded by queen Himiko for your work. In the...