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  1. crazy karts

    Crazy Karts

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    Crazy Karts is a team-based family boardgame about a crazy race. Each player controls only half of their kart's control, either they speed up and attack or brake and turn But watch out! Teammates cannot speak about their plans. They need to predict what their partner is going to do. And that's where the fun begins... Different tracks, dozens of obstacles, four unique fantasy factions and many power-ups. Get in the kart, load your cannon and...off you go...

  2. Elrtich Horror Signs of Carcosa

    Eldritch Horror: Signs of Carcosa

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    Beneath the light of a gibbous moon, poets and artists pen strange verse and weave arcane sigils into their paintings. The Unspeakable One is entering the world, his horrid city is tearing its way through dimensions, and as it does so, more and more humans succumb to a mindless insanity. The very people you have sworn to protect may come padding after you on a cursed night, knife in hand and the light of evil stars gleaming in their eyes. Whether you’re walking along the streets of Tokyo or...

  3. Mage wars arena battlegrounds domination
    Build the Arena of your dreams and battle against enemies for control of the V’Tar orbs with an all new rule set for Mage Wars Arena. Battlegrounds Domination is an entirely new set of expansions for the Mage Wars Arena cardgame and introduces both new rules and new custom puzzle-cut tiles for players to build their own arena boards to play on! The first Battlegrounds expansion, Domination, introduces Domination Mode, where players vie for control of powerful V’Tar orbs...

  4. magic: the gathering: eldritch moon

    Magic: The Gathering - Eldritch Moon

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    With the fall of Avacyn, the last of the protections over Innistrad faltered. At last, the Eldrazi titan Emrakul was able to pass fully into Innistrad through the cryptoliths of the Drownyard Temple, ushered in by the vengeful Lithomancer Nahiri. As Emrakul fully emerged onto Innistrad, her influence warped the shape and substance of living flesh and vegetation. The mad cultists and crazed angels of the plane took on new and horrible forms, their mutated bodies transforming further into the...

  5. Mysterium: Hidden Signs

    Mysterium - Hidden Signs

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    They thought the secret of Warwick mansion had been solved and the spirit had found peace, but now new signs have emerged that were previously hidden. New suspects, places, and objects that do not fit into the picture — and the presence of the ghost is strong once again In Hidden Signs, the first expansion for the cardgame Mysterium, the spiritualists must return to the old mansion and investigate these disturbing visions. The plot thickens as the psychics consider all-new...

  6. Panamax


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    After one hundred years in service, the Panama Canal still is one of the most important and impressive engineering achievements in modern times. Built in 1914, it held a prominent role in the deployment of military vessels during WWI and in the conflicts that have followed. Nowadays commercial usage is the core business of the Channel; its economic impact is profound and has not only developed the region, but in fact helped define shipping throughout the world. In the wake of the Canal’s...

  7. The Three Little Pigs

    Tales & Games: The Three Little Pigs

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    As a little pig, your dearest wish is to build a strong and beautiful house in which you can spend your long winter evenings. But you won’t need trowels nor scaffoldings, as only dice will allow you to construct your dream home. Beware the wolf prowling around, whose only thought is to literally blow down your comfy house The Three Little Pigs is an easy and fun dicegame for the whole family On a turn, players roll the special pink dice up to three times and try to...

  8. Theseus: The dark orbit - bots

    Theseus: The Dark Orbit - Bots

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    A new opponent has appeared in the corridors of the space station Theseus. What initially was thought of as strange, unknown devices clinging to the walls or closed in mysterious crates in the hold, all disappeared in a moment. At the same time you could hear shrill, metallic squeaks in the dark corridors. When steel blades emerged from the darkness to the accompaniment of a mechanical, grinding sound, it was too late for the rescue... Theseus: The Dark Orbit – Bots is an...

  9. Through the ages a new story of civilization
    This is your chance to make history You begin with a small tribe and the will to build a great civilization. Expand your farms and mines to gain the rescources needed to build cities. This lays the groundwork for technological advancements, better governements and great wonders. Choose wise leaders whose legacy will lead your people to greatness. Strengthen your army to protect your borders and to expand your territory. And shape history with your political skill ...

  10. Tides of Time

    Tides of Time

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    Merciless cunning, grand choices - a deeply tactical game ... in only 18 cards Tides of Time is a card drafting game for two players. Players will try to build grand civilizations by combining a set of complementary cards in their kingdom... and carefully sabotaging their opponents plans. After three rounds, each player will have either a memorable empire or a pitiful group of random ventures ...