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  1. Talon


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    Welcome to the Talonverse.....Talon is a boardgame of tactical space combat set in a growing universe with its own history and back story. This game introduces battles during the First Talon War between the Terran Confederation and the Talon Empire This is a Fleet Combat game. Battles with individual ships can be fought, but the game easily and quickly simulates combat with fleets of 3-10 ships. These are fleets of Capital Ships. This is Not a game about fighter combat in space....

  2. magic the gaterhing ixalan

    Magic: The Gathering - Ixalan

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    A whole world waits to be discovered. Ancient ruins from the Sun Empire's heyday can now be found, overgrown and half-buried, in the depths of the jungle. Sacred springs infused with magical power well up from high mountainsides. Hidden coves hold pirate treasures stowed by captains long forgotten. Brave explorers from all four peoples uncover such sites as they scour Ixalan in search of the golden city Ixalan is the first set in the new Ixalan block and features 279 new cards...

  3. hotshots


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    In the cooperative boardgame Hotshots, you and your fellow players are part of a crew called in to fight a raging forest fire. Use special abilities, teamwork and dice-rolling to press your luck against the blaze Cut firebreaks, reduce flames, generate reward tokens and maneuver your vehicles before 8 tiles are scorched and the forest is lost ...