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  1. Kairo

    € 36.50
    In the bustling market of Cairo, traiders build their stalls and try to entice the customers with attractive goods, so that they are able to expand their stalls or establish new ones In his turn, a player can chose to move a customer, or to play an action card to call for customers After that, he is able to expand or build a new stall, but has to take the regulations in consideration Restaurants need to be placed in the designated area, while all other stalls must...
  2. Knuffel Fredo

    € 9.50
    Give this sweet, green friend, Fredo the Frog a new home (ca...
  3. Knuffel Moritz

    € 9.50
    Give this loyal friend, Moritz the Frog a new home (ca...
  4. Knuffel Pablo

    € 9.50
    Give this sweet, soft giant, Pablo the elephant a new home (ca...
  5. Knuffel Pauline

    € 9.50
    Give this elegant and soft lady, Pauline the Giraffe a new home (ca...