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  1. Quadropolis

    € 34.95
    After a day's hard work, you take a break to admire your city through the large windows of your office.... at this hour most of your citizens are going back home, heading for the tall buildings that you see in front of you. Some others are still wandering in the parks and gardens with their kids, and others decide to go shopping in the new mall that you opened a few weeks ago. In the distance, near the harbor, you can see smoke rising from factories' chimneys. Somehow, the city never...
  2. Your city is expanding and citizens needs have become more important. As a mayor, you must provide them the public services that will make their daily lives better. But don't forget to support the booming industry of your great city With the Public Services expansion, you will add all new public services buildings to your Quadropolis boardgame. Will you build the police station to protect your citizens, or a maternity ward to increase population. On the other hand, maybe a...
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