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  1. Monstrous


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    Olympus is shaking to its foundations. Faith among the mortals is waning and with it the very power of the pantheon. Zeus is in a rage: 'Hear me, gods! I command you to send forth my monstrous pets. Make them rain from the sky and erupt from the underworld. We will rekindle these mortals' faith - through fear!' Monstrous is a cardgame of gods and monsters, fear and faith, dexterous skills and tactical combos Hurl your monsters down at the cities to scare the...

  2. Munchkin pathfinder deluxe

    Munchkin Pathfinder Deluxe

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    Ancient Relics! Dusty tombs! Scheming gods! And enough treasure to choke the proverbial horse. It also has goblins, lots and lots of goblins... The cardgame Munchkin Pathfinder, which includes 168 cards and uses the setting of the Pathfinder role-playing game, can be played as a standalone game or combined with any other core Munchkin game. That said, while Munchkin Pathfinder includes Classes and something new, Factions, the game does not use Races Players can try...

  3. Nosferatu


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    A vampire hides among you, but who is it? In the cardgame Nosferatu, players have a hidden role and try to succeed in this mission. Hunters will try to identify the vampire and have him eliminated, while the vampire will work with his servant Renfield to try and doom the pesky humans Who do you trust? Who wants your life? A small but fascinating game of deceit, only for those with nerves of...

  4. Once upon a time
    Tell your own fantastic tales of brave heroes and daring adventure Once Upon a Time (third edition) is the award-winning storytelling card game that encourages creativity and collaborative play One player is the storyteller, and begins telling a story using the fairytale elements on his story cards, guiding the plot toward his ending card. The other players use their own cards to interrupt her and become the new storyteller The winner will be the first...

  5. Pandante

    Pandante - basic

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    Pandánte is a gambling game played by the Pandas of the Pandalands in the Fantasy Strike universe In this game, lying is okay (Humans use the term 'bluffing'). You can lie about which abilities you have access to, and whether your cards are strong enough to win the pot. And if you win a pot by lying, you gain the favor of a Panda Lord But be careful, though, because other players can call you out on your lies for fun and profit. Pandánte can be...

  6. Pandemic: contagion

    Pandemic: Contagion

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    After many years of trying to defeat the diseases that threaten mankind’s existence, the tables have turned. Players are now the disease and guess what...there is no cure In the cardgame Pandemic: Contagion, players are competing against other diseases (fellow players) to see who can eliminate humanity With no cure to be had, the player that wipes out all human civilization will come out on top as the most deadly disease ever known to man, may he rest in peace....

  7. panic lab

    Panic Lab

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    Amoebas have escaped and are slithering around in all directions. Cath them as fast as possible, as all players will play together and at the same time. Roll for special dice that tell players which laboratory the amoebas escaped from and what it looks like. The first player to find the correct amoeba wins the point. But watch out, these little tricksters don't want to be caught, as they hide in air vents and can even mutate For the cardgame Panic Lab, you'll need a cool head,...

  8. Plunder


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    Plunder is a deduction card game in which everyone is a pirate captain with a burried treasure Players attempt to steal the hidden treasure from the other captains by figuring out the three landmarks which mark where other treasures are burried The first player to find a treasure chest will receive the biggest share, while those arriving second and third will receive less. Keeping your treasure from being stolen is also worth victory...

  9. purrrlock holmes

    Purrrlock Holmes

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    Furriarty is terrorizing London and it is up to Purrrlock Holmes to stop him before he completes his plans and escapes! However, Purrrlock cannot do it alone and it is up to you, as a newly inducted Inspector at Scotland Pound, to bust members of Furriarty’s gang in order to help Purrrlock get closer to the bewhiskered baddie that’s been bullying all of Baker Street Get ready Inspector, the game is officially afoot (or a-paw, if you...

  10. Rattus Cartus

    Rattus Cartus

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    1347: The Black Death ravages Europe The ruler of your land has just succumbed to the plague, and now the players must compete against one another in a struggle to replace him To do this, they will have to travel around the land to gather loyal supporters. Visit a different city with unique buildings each days and use the different kind of benefits they provide. There are a few rats in the streets, too, but a rat or two won't kill you, right? Rattus Cartus...

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