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  1. X-wing Kihraxz fighter

    X-Wing: Kihraxz Fighter

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    Modeled after Incom’s popular X-wing starfighter, the versatile Kihraxz was developed specifically for the Black Sun crime syndicate, whose highly paid ace pilots demanded a nimble, powerful ship to match their skills The Kihraxz Fighter is an expansion for the boardgame Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game and contains carefully pre-painted and sculpted miniature of the Kihraxz fighter Additionaly, this expansion comes with four ship cards, five upgrades, a maneuver dial,...

  2. X-Wing imperial maneuver dial upgrade kit
    Customize and enhance your maneuver dials as you declare your allegiance to the Galactic Empire with the Imperial Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit for the boardgame X-Wing This pack includes three detailed plastic protectors for your ships’ maneuver dials. In addition, you’ll find dial ID tokens to easily identify which dials match your ships in the heat of battle Choose your maneuvers quickly and stylishly with the Imperial Maneuver Dial Upgrade...

  3. x-wing: hwk-290

    X-Wing: HWK-290

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    The HWK-290 Expansion Pack introduces one miniature together with 4 new pilots and 6 new upgrades Designed by the Correllian Engineering Corporation to resemble a bird in flight, the 'Hawk' series excels in its role as a personal transport Each HWK-290 provides a wide range of support options and can be outfitted with both a turret weapon and a crew member (1x sleeves type grey, 1x sleeves type...

  4. star wars x-wing heroes of the resistance

    X-Wing: Heroes of the Resistance

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    For generations, the YT-1300 was a favourite vessel of smugglers and perfectly legimate traders alike. Poe Dameron's customized T-70 X-wing utilized sensor scattering ferrosphere paint, a unique feature requested by the ace pilot. Both starships were crucial in the strike on Starkiller base The Heroes of the Resistance Expansion pack for the boardgame Star Wars: X-wing allows players to reinforce their squadrons with both ships. In addition to its detailed, pre-painted...

  5. X-Wing: B-Wing

    X-Wing: B-Wing

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    The B-Wing Expansion Pack introduces one miniature together with 4 new pilots and 5 new upgrades The B-wing's heavy weapons array and resilient shielding quickly solidified it as the Alliance's most formidable assault fighter With 2 short-range torpedoes, 5 shields and the ability to barrel roll, the B-wing is built to get up close and personal in the thickest of combats (1x sleeves type grey, 1x sleeves type...

  6. star wars x-wing auzituck gunship

    X-Wing: Auzituck Gunship

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    Frequently used by daring Wookies to rescue their enslaved comrades and take the fight to the Empire, the Auzituck Anti-Slaver Gunship was known for its impressive firepower and incredible durability for its size The Auzituck Gunship Expansion pack for the boardgame Star Wars: X-wing allows players to reinforce their squadrons with one of these sturdy ships. In addition to its detailed, pre-painted miniature, it contains four ship cards, six upgrades, a maneuver dial, and all the...

  7. X-Wing: A-wing

    X-Wing: A-wing

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    The A-Wing Expansion Pack introduces one miniature together with 4 new pilots and 5 new upgrades Only the most talented pilots belong in an A-wing cockpit as they push the starfighter's limits in the galaxy's deadliest dogfights (1x sleeves type grey, 1x sleevs type...

  8. X-men: mutant revolution

    X-Men: Mutant Revolution

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    It is a pivotal time in the history of mutants In the aftermath of the Phoenix event, new mutants are appearing all over the earth and competing visions for the future treaten to tear the world apart In the boardgame X-Men: Revolutions, 3 or 4 players represent mutant leaders (Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, and Storm) who must build teams of heroes, gather and instruct new students and accomplish missions to further their vision of the future. Heroes from different...

  9. Wunderland


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    The game Wunderland allows players to travel through various miniature landscapes, from coasts to high mountains, with the goal of reaching predetermined destinations and collecting postcards Players travel with their meeple to different locations on the board, and once they reach the the locations mentioned on the destination cards, the player earns victory points Each area also has a location where a player can collect postcards, for which he'll receive points at...

  10. Wrath of Ashardalon

    Wrath of Ashardalon

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    A heavy shadow falls across the land, cast by a dark spire that belches smoke and oozes fiery lava. A cave mouth leads to a maze of tunnels and chambers, and deep within this monster-infested labyrinth lurks the most terrifying creature of all: a red dragon. Plunder the dungeons of Firestorm Peak at your own peril! Wrath of Ashardalon is a cooperative boardgame of 1 to 5 adventurers set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons and features multiple scenarios and challenging...

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