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  1. 13 clues

    13 Clues

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    London 1899: The city is shaken by henious crimes and the solutions are shrouded in mystery. Scotland Yard is groping in the dark, and has summoned you, the best detectives, for help in resolving their inquiries. Each investigator will be assigend their own mystery to solve, and must use their instincts to identify which of the 13 clues match their case before the others do The boardgame 13 clues is a simple but brilliant deduction game, in which each player - sees the...

  2. 75 gnom' street

    75 Gnom' Street

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    The time for a new era has arrived Behind its peaceful façade, the garden of 75 Gnom' Street is actually the site of a power struggle between several gangs of garden gnomes living there as after years of peace, the gnomes have turned against one another Lead your gang, interrogate rival Gnomes, guess where your opponents have hidden their loot and steal it ...

  3. Acquire revised edition

    Acquire: Revised Edition

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    Build hotels, buy stock, and get everything. Pit your resources and resolve against other tycoons. There are only seven hotel chains in the world worthy of your attention. Using nothing but your wealth and wits, you must vie against other business magnates to manipulate construction and capitalize on mergers -- buying, trading, and selling stocks in order to get the greatest return on your investments In the boardgame Acquire, each player strategically invests in businesses,...

  4. apotheca the secret potion society

    Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society

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    Across the land, an invitation has summoned the most clever apprentices: a chance to enter the secret potion society. The cutthroat members, the Apothecaries, have grown too savvy of each other's schemes. They've chosen you to compete in their black market game! Conjuring powerful magic and deception, outwit your adversaries, and you too might join Apotheca. Devise your plans by hiding ingredients in the marketplace, reveal secrets to collect precious gems and recruit powerful...

  5. around the world in 80 days

    Around the World in 80 Days

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    It is October 2 1872 and as the title of this boardgame suggests,Phileas Fogg is boasting about his plan to go around the world in 80 days. The gentlemen of the Reform Club have bet against him, since they don't believe this eccentric dandy could ever succeed However, the most troubling part of this story is the strange coincidence between the rash departure of Phileas Fogg, accompanied by his loyal valet Passepartout, and the theft of 50,000 pounds from the Bank of England!...

  6. Artifact


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    Early 20th century, and the musea of Europe and America compete for artifacts from around the world In Artifact, players are archeologists researching sites around the globe for artifacts, which are then shipped to the musea in order to produce exhibitions that increase fundings for future digs Actions and funds are limited however, and competition is fierce Sometimes it's even necessary to deal on the black market in order to generate extra income or to acquire the...

  7. Automobiles


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    Drivers, Start your engines! Will you cross the finish line first? Now is your chance to find out! Automobiles is a deck-building boardgame where the fun is cubed. Instead of cards, you'll be building your collection with cubes. Your cubes not only allow you to race your car aroud the track, but they will also allow you to improve your handling, optimize your pit crew, and boost your speed, which are your keys to victory Be the first to cross the...

  8. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep

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    In BlackSheep, players try to corral the best combination of cows, horses, chickens and more while avoiding the mischievous black sheep...

  9. Boxcars


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    Build your own rail empire by aquiring existing railroad companies and fund your aquisitions by delivering freight across the country The player who builds the most effective empire and accumulates the most wealth will win the game Boxcars is the predecessor for Rail Baron, and was first released in 1974 Now you have the choice of playing the original US map or the new England, Scotland and Wales...

  10. Bring out Yer dead

    Bring Out Yer Dead

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    The head of the family is dead. The will has been read and the players are last on the list. The only way for them to get their share is finding a final resting place for their family in the most exclusive cemetary in the city In the boardgame Bring Out Yer Dead, players will have to do the dirty work, and take in account the gravedigger. Each day, he comes along, ready to haul another member of the family (or two) in his cart, but players will have to play their hand carefully....

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