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  1. The Doom that came to Atlantic City

    The Doom that came to Atlantic City

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    You're one of the Great Old Ones, beings of ancient and eldritch power Cosmic forces have held you at bay for untold aeons, but at last the stars are right and your maniacal cult has called you to this benighted place Once you regain your full powers, you will unleash your Doom upon the world There's only one problem: you're not alone The other Great Old Ones are here as well, and your rivals are determined to steal your cultists and snatch victory from your...

  2. the daedalus sentence

    The Daedalus Sentence

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    The Daedalus sentence is a cooperative boardgame for 1 to 4 players. To win it, all players must collectively escape the Hive prison by breaking out of each ring and reaching the escape pod, without being captured by the guards Each character has special abilities to help the team survive and escape. The game also includes a 5 player Hive Commander one-against-all variant: Ariadne's Thread The Daedalus sentence is played on a specially made board with rotating...

  3. TF22: Reload!

    TF22: Reload!

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    TF22: Reload is a four-player version of TF22: Load In this pre-TF22 setting, long before the actual cargo vessels leave for planet GH-328, up to four players are captains competing to maximize the loading capacity of Robot Combat Units (RCUs) on their respective spaceships The goal of the game is to maximize the loading of RCU containers on your spaceship in order to maintain container majorities and thus scoring points The captain which has the...

  4. Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium

    Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium

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    Explore new sites and strategies in the boardgame Terraforming Mars Any of these two new gameboards can be used instead of the ordinary gameboard. They each depict a new region of Mars, with new placements bonuses, ocean areas and brand new sets of milestones and...

  5. teenage mutant ninja turles shadows of the past
    Battle with your brothers through the streets of New York City to defend your town from Shredder and the Foot Clan The boardgame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is a scenario-driven campaign adventure game. Play as one of the four ninja turtles or take on the role of Shredder and command an entire ninja army. Featuring input from the IDW comic team, this game takes the fight from the roofs to the sewers in a head-busting, sewer-crawling and dice-chucking...

  6. taverna


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    It is Saint-Averna's day, the holiest day in the kingdom of Averna. To celebrate, all the citizens gather in the capital city to party, drink and sing, from tavern to tavern. In the boardgame Taverna, players are innkeepers in the city, eager to profit from this celebration and make its renown widespread. In order to do so, players will need to get along well with the four peoples of the kingdom, and they will need to cope with the demands of the Royal Court. It is up to them to...

  7. Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

    Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

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    In Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends, 2 to 4 summoners encounter each other in the arena, either in team or on his own in short but intense battles By clever deployment of of minions, players create magic patterns for summoning powerfull beings, and then use those to destroy their opponent's forces or to prepare patterns for the ultimate legendary beings Players take turns, placing their common pieces on the board, and if they succeed in creating patterns on one of the...

  8. Talon


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    Welcome to the Talonverse.....Talon is a boardgame of tactical space combat set in a growing universe with its own history and back story. This game introduces battles during the First Talon War between the Terran Confederation and the Talon Empire This is a Fleet Combat game. Battles with individual ships can be fought, but the game easily and quickly simulates combat with fleets of 3-10 ships. These are fleets of Capital Ships. This is Not a game about fighter combat in space....

  9. Talisman revised 4th edition The Cataclysm
    Decades ago an apocalypse destroyed the world, wrecking its cities, ravaging the land, and devastating the population. Now, after more than a generation, a new age dawns with The Cataclysm, an expansion for the boardgame Talisman Revised 4th Edition. People are returning to establish settlements, nature is evolving in bizarre, unprecendented ways, and traces of the former civilization can be found everywhere. This is a time of chaos and possibility, of challenges and heroism. The...

  10. Talisman revised 4th edition

    Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)

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    Enter a mythic world of dragons and sorcery! In the classic fantasy adventure boardgame, Talisman, two to six players will embark on a perilous quest for the legendary Crown of Command. They will choose one of the 14 heroes with powers both magical and mighty, and race their opponents through a perilous realm. Each round, players roll a die to determine their movement around the regions of the board, then they will encounter dangerous foes and claim powerful...

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