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  1. Descent: Journeys in the dark Mists of Bilehall
    A strange curse taints everything. It clings to the flesh and lingers within the lungs, a poison that destroys the soul while leaving the body to shamble on. A small settlement of the damned has formed near the border, a collection of unfortunate trespassers now unable to leave the accursed land. You have joined their number, but not their despair. Ready your gear and bolster your courage for your journey into the Mistlands is about to begin. Mists of Bilehall is a new expansion...

  2. descent journeys in the dark the chains that rust
    In the land of the undying and eternally cursed, there are few who do not long for freedom. It matters little how you first arrived in the Mistlands, nor what you had to do to escape; though you may break free of its borders, the mist and its monsters are not far behind. It is time to return to the gloom from which you fled, and to shatter the chains that bind you to the dark realm of Waiqar the Undying The Chains that Rust, an expansion for the boardgame Descent: Journeys in...

  3. Descent journeys in the dark treaty of champions
    The Demon's prison is fading The champions that once bound the demon lord have gone missing. Now undead creatures gather where the beast is sealed away, called by his growing power. You must find the missing heroes, dead or alive, and uncover some instruction on how to stop the summoning. Can you reforge the legendary treaty that bound the beast, or will the treaty of champions die with its masters? Treaty of Champions, an expansion for the boardgame Descent:...

  4. dice forge

    Dice Forge

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    Congratulations and welcome to the realm of the gods. Your courage and intelligence have led you to us...but this is just the beginning Always in search of entertainement to stave off boredom, the gods are hosting a grand tournament in which heroes compete to become a demigod. To attain this ultimate reward, heroes must master magic dice while facing glorious ordeals on celestial islands and making offerings at the devine temple. All that remains is to find a few capable heroes...

  5. Dragon Rampage

    Dragon Rampage

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    Dragon Rampage is a strategic dice game for 3 to 5 players Each player takes the role of one of the participating adventurers and tries to score the most points at the end of the game by fighting or running from the dragon who just woke up, whilst keeping the treasure and gold obtained in the...

  6. Dreadball: Greenmoon Smackers

    Dreadball: Greenmoon Smackers

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    Ex-pirate scum turned major league heroes? The Greenmoon Smackers bring a wealth of violent tricks and brute force to the arena floor in a spectacular demonstration of brawn over brain! The Greenmoon Smackers are an Orx and Goblin Marauder expansion team for DreadBall, and contains 3 Orx Guards and 5 Goblin 'Jacks for your DreadBall...

  7. Dreadball: Trontek 29ers

    Dreadball: Trontek 29ers

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    DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game is the hyper-kinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity Two coaches compete for victory with teams of beautiful miniatures on a stunning sci-fi pitch The game is easy to learn, yet challenging, with carefully orchestrated plays and counter attacks hinging on positioning and the mercy of the dice gods This expansion adds an additional team made up of Male Corporation Miniatures, the Trontek...

  8. Dungeon Petz

    Dungeon Petz

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    Become the leader of an imp family that has just started a new business, breeding and selling petz It may sound simple and safe, but don't forget that those petz are for Dungeon Lords. This means magical, playful, sometimes angry monsters that constantly desire attention and at the very moment they need to demonstrate their qualities to buyers they can be sick or start to poop Sometimes you will be glad that they are gone, but the profit is unbelievable... The...

  9. Elder Sign: Omens of Ice

    Elder Sign: Omens of Ice

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    Explore the Frozen North An archeological expedition from the prestigious Meskatonic University has vanished in the frozen wilds of Alaska. Now, a team of intrepid investigators from Arkham must brave strange storms and unthinkable horrors to find them and confront the Ancient darkness that they have awakend Omens of Ice is the latest expansion for the boardgame Elder Sign and takes players on a treacherous journey into the Alaskan wildernesses, where they must...

  10. eldritch horror cities in ruin

    Eldritch Horror: Cities in Ruin

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    Cities in Ruin, an expansion for the boardgame Eldritch Horror introduces Shudde M'ell, a destructive new Ancient One. Heralding this new threat is the advent of Disasters and Devastation Encounters as well as destructive new Mythos cards? Four weary investigators join the fight, bringing with them new artifacts, assets, spells and talents to stave of the twilight of human kind (3x sleeves type Green; 2x sleeves type...

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