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  1. Te Kuiti

    Te Kuiti

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    The sheep are all going astray! The shepard is quickly trying to put up fences before all the sheep are lost. He builds fences as fast as he can, but rams make it difficult by knocking them down. Can he keep more sheep than he loses? Welcome to Te Kuite, New Zealand, sheep capital of the world Te Kuiti is a simple boardgame of memory and area control for one or two players While the sheep try to match two sheep (memory), the shepherd strategically builds fences to...

  2. Tales & Games: the pied piper

    Tales & Games: The Pied Piper

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    Welcome to the beautifull town of Hamelin. Visit the inns, the monuments and their...rats. Sadly, Hamelin is overrun with these cursed rodents, and only the mysterious piper can help. In the boardgame Tales & Games: The Pied Piper, players are living in Hamelin, the rat infested town. The easiest way to get the rats out of their houses is to send them to their neighbours. Whenever too many rats are gathered in on house, the owners get desperate and move out. The...

  3. The Grasshooper and the Ant
    The grasshopper, who experienced a bummer after the summer was made to feel foolish by this wee ant oh so mulish Craving vengeance as an attakcer, a plan sprouted in this insect slacker Follow the ant to some remote field, in order to steal her precious yield Pass the winter without unpleasant side effect: alternate playing as the grasshopper or the ant, and gather the provisions that will lead to victory The Grasshopper & the Ant is the fourth...

  4. Tales & games little red riding hood

    Tales & Games: Little Red Riding Hood

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    Work together to help Little Red riding Hood reach grandma's cottage before the wolf sticks his nose where it's not welcome The boardgame Tales & Games: Little Red Riding Hood is the fifth title in the 'Tales & Games' series. In the first variant, players will have to cooperate to try and help Little Red Riding Hood reach Grandma’s cottage before the wolf gets there first. In the second variant, one player is the wolf, while the other players are special...

  5. Tales & Games Baba Yaza

    Tales & Games: Baba Yaga

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    After slipping through the crooked fingers of Baba Yage, you manage to escape her house. That's when the witch starts pursuing you aboard her flying cauldron. To escape, you will need to cast three spells, whose ingredients are scattered throughout this strange forest...but hurry! Baba Yaga has already picked up your scent The boardgame Baba Yaga is the second title in the Tales & Games serie in which players will have to try and escape the claws of the hideous Baba Yaga. It...

  6. Risk Transfomers

    Risk: Transformers

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    Will you destroy or protect mankind? The Decepticons are invading earth, and it is up to Optimus Prime and the autobot forces to protect humanity This new version of the clasic strategy boardgame Risk has been created to celebrate 30 years of Transformers and features beautifully crafted Decepticons and Autobot forces, a human army and some exiting new additions to the familiar gameplay The game starts with a world occupied by humans, but the...

  7. Pow!


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    In the dice game Pow!, players are comic book writers, competing to male the best comic book. Their goal is to make a stack of the most valuable Superheroes, but players must also make a stack of supervillains as well. Players can roll their dice up to three times to take a tile, and a super roll will even allow to take the tile of an opponent Who will win this creative battle? A fast and fun interactive game for all...

  8. Pingo Pingo

    Pingo Pingo

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    Your pirate ship has dropped anchor at the terrible island of Pingo Pingo. Legend says that the island is full of treasure, including the famous Golden Pineapple, but it also says that treasure is fiercely guarded by hordes of fearsome penguin warriors, some of which ride giant polar bears. That potential danger is why you're alone in your boat, on your own but eager to take a run on the island and try your luck. For now, only the sound of the waves and the cries of the gulls...

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