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  1. Golem Arcana: Tile set 2

    Golem Arcana: Map Tile Set 2

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    An additional set of six double-sided map tiles that can be used to expand the Golem Arcana battlefield These tiles feature more urban terrain and can be combined with the tiles in the Golem Arcana Base Game...

  2. Golem Arcana: Tile set - The Marshes of Kesh
    War comes to the murky wetlands that surround the Hidden Citty. This expansion for Golem Arcana includes 6 doubles-sided terrain tiles, featuring a new terrain type - marsh Up to two sets of these tiles can be combines with other Golem Arcana terrain tiles to add variety to the game or expand the size of the...

  3. Guardian Chronicles

    Guardian Chronicles

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    Guardians Chronicles is a superhero-themed miniature boardgame in which one player plays doktor Skarov and does his best to fullfill his evil designs The other players control the members of the Liberty Patrol and have to work together to oppose the warped scientist's megalomania Doktor Skarox launches his destructive actions from his reputedly impregnable personalized base, assembled from 9 double-sided tiles and full of sneaky crafty traps to block his opponent's path...

  4. Halo: Fleet Battles - The Fall of Reach
    The Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach two player battle box is the ultimate way for fans of the Halo Universe to recreate pivotal space battles between the stalwart forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the relentless Covenant armada Developed in close cooperation with 343 Industries, The Fall of Reach puts players in the centre of the most pivotal naval conflict of the long Human-Covenant War, commanding massive fleets of deadly warships as they clash above the...

  5. Kaosball


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    Kaosball is a new kind of fantasy sports game, combining rugby-style passing finesse and first person shooter domination-style scoring. The result is a tense game of skill, bluffing, luck, and lethal brutality like you've never played before Kaosball uses exciting card-based play mechanisms to put players in the role of a coach, managing their unique team from scrimmage to sudden death period to outscore their opponents Players need to balance scoring and killing their...

  6. Krosmaster: Arena - Frigost

    Krosmaster: Arena - Frigost

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    Welcome to Frigost. Home of the cold-hearted Count Harebourg and the site of the first Extension for Krosmaster: Arena The Demons of the Hours and Minutes have selected this desolate region as your next battleground and they are particularly excited for the new dangers awaiting you. Give them a good show, but be sure to keep your head! Stuck in an endless winter, Frigost has seen its hero turned into a pariah. Today, Gallifree Yan de Harebourg is the most wanted person on...

  7. Krosmaster: Bad Boys

    Krosmaster: Bad Boys

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    Krosmaster: Bad Boys is the 7th expansion of Krosmaster: Arena and contains: 4 new figures: Quentin Flush, Luk Ylook, Oscar Kass, Darkness Knight, 4 character cards, 4 minimaps and 2 token sheets...

  8. Krosmaster: Close Quarters

    Krosmaster: Close Quarters

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    Krosmaster: Close Quarters is the 6th expansion to Krosmaster: Arena and contains 4 new figures: Lil Healey, Anna Tommy, Fraktor, Victor Don Voom, 4 character cards, 4 minimaps and 2 token sheets...

  9. Krosmaster: Shak Attack

    Krosmaster: Shak Attack

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    Krosmaster: shak Attack is the 8th expansion of Krosmaster: Arena and contains 4 new figures: Bad Aboum, Kassius Kaos, Clot The Crapulous, Shak Shaka, 4 character cards, 4 minimaps and 2 token sheets...

  10. lobotomy


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    In the boardgame Lobotomy, players are patients trying to escape a psychiatric hospital together. The adventure has elements of survival horror, dungeon crawling and roleplaying. Everyone becomes a twisted character with a set of reality-bending disorders You see the staff as horryfing abominations and common objects as magical artifacts. You've prepared an escape plan, but even trivial tasks seem like out-of-this-world missions. Hopefully you will find a way out to use that to...

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