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  1. lobotomy from the deep

    Lobotomy: From the Deep

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    From the Deep is an expansion for the boardgame Lobotomy and is inspired by the dark and twisted novels from H.P. Lovecraft There is an ancient evil lurking in the basement of the mental hospital. The Deep Ones, an amphibious humanoid race, are preparing a ritual to call upon their deity. The only people aware of the danger are the patients of the asylum. Are they crazy or is Dagon the Great One really coming to destroy reality? Find out with 5 game changing...

  2. Lords of Xidit

    Lords of Xidit

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    The Black Southern Host has arisen, corrupting the hearts of the indigenous creatures. Afflicted by a mysterious sickness, they are attacking human cities. The last remaining hope for restoring peace to Xidit lies with the Kingdom's noble heirs, the Idrakys. As one of them, you must roam the Kingdom recruiting brave soldiers and reclaiming threatened cities. Your bravery will not go unrewarded: accumulate wealth, send bards to sing your praises, and build Sorcerers' Guilds! Lords...

  3. Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the planeswalkers
    Take magic combat to a next dimension In the boardgame Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers, two to five players will first customize the battlefield where they will fight each other. Then they will choose one of five different Planeswalkers to lead their army around the map in a race to out-maneuver their opponents and gain tactical advantages! Cast devastating spells, summon powerful squads, and tap into the unique ablities of the Planeswalkers to...

  4. Magic the gathering arena of the planeswalkers battle for zendikar
    Battle for Zendikar is an expansion for the boardgame Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers and brings new units and cards for all colours in the game It also includes the first multi-color Planeswalker, Kiora, who can field both green and blue colored creatures and the Eldrazi, colourless creatures that can be summoned by planeswalkers of any colour. Use the included scenario to have one player fight all other as the massive Eldrazi Ruiner tries to...

  5. mansions of madness suppressed memories
    Explore the Unknown Again The investigators of Arkham must face ancient evils and impossible forces once again, both behind closed doors and beneath the heavy shadows of the forest. There, the thirst for forbidden knowledge burns beyond reason and horrifying forms lurk, hidden from the unwary wanderer Expand your boardgame of Mansions of Madness (Second Edition) with Suppressed Memories. This expansion contains all of the inversigator figures, monster figures and...

  6. memoir '44  battles of khalkhin-gol
    In may 1939, no one could have predicted that a minor boundary dispute between the Japanese and Soviet forces over the western border of Manchukuo would erupt into open war. Take command of your men and fight for the defence of Mother Russia, or the honour of the Emperor The Battles of Khalkhion-Gol, an expansion for the boardgame Memoir '44, also contains two new large format, ready to play Overlord Scenarios: the Kalkhin-Gol encirclement and Cape Torokina Landings, which...

  7. Mice and Mystics

    Mice and Mystics

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    In Mice and Mystics players take on the roles of those still loyal to the king, but turned into mice by the evil Vanestra Play as cunning field mice who must race through a castle now 20 times larger than before. Countless terrors await the heroes, giant spiders, centipedes, evil minions turned into rats and the most fearsome of them all, Brodie, the castle-cat Mice and Mystics is a cooperative boardgame that thrusts players into an ever-changing, interactive...

  8. Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm

    Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm

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    Heart of Glorm, an expansion for the boardgame Mice and Mystics, picks up right after the events from the base game, letting the players continue the story of Prince Collin, Maginos, Tilda, Nez, Filch and Lily Included in this expansion are 2 new figures, cards and counters as well as a new series of chapters sure to test their mettle Joining the heroes is Nere, a wild mystic who brings her powerfull magic and knowledge of alchemy to the...

  9. Moongha invaders

    Moongha Invaders

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    It started like any other day, people going about their business hardly noticing their fellow citizens, or what's going on beneath their feet. Deep underground, mad scientists are raising monsters from the planet Moongha. Once fully formed, they will emerge to spread terror and destruction. Cities will be laid to waste, and the human race will be hunted to extinction The boardgame Moongha Invaders is a fun packed monster game for three to four players, in which they take up the...

  10. Realm of Wonder

    Realm of Wonder

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    Hear the King's call The fragmented kingdom is looking for its new hero. Perform the quests given to you by the King and save the realm or overthrow the old King and crown yourself the new King. You will need magic, tactical thinking and imagination in this adventure... The boardgame Realm of Wonder takes 2-6 players to a brand new world with mysterious marshlands, dry deserts and fairytale woods that ooze magic. A twist of the revolving board can change the course...

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