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  1. 1812: The invasion of canada

    1812: The Invasion of Canada

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    The year is 1812. Great Britain and her allies are battling Napoleon for control of Europe. In response to the British seizure of American ships and goods, the young United States declares war on Britain and Canada In the boardgame 1812, the invasion of Canada, up to five players take command of the armies of the British redcoats, Canadian Militia, Native Americans, American Regulars and American Militia to decide the fate of the Americas. The action takes place on a huge...

  2. 504


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    In a distant future, scientists were able to build small alternate Earths, each with an individual set of laws and rules which the residents strictly follow and consider most important for their lives. Each of these worlds is unique and players can visit all of these alternate Earths to experience how people are living, and decide which of these worlds harbors the best civilization The boardgame 504 contains 504 different modular games. In each individual game, players select...

  3. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game
    The king is dead, and the lands of Westeros brace for Battle In A Game of Thrones: the Boardgame, 3 to 6 players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of the Iron throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare A Game of Thrones as an epic boardgame in which it will take more than military might to win Will players take power through force, use honeyed words to coërce their way onto the throne or...

  4. A study in emerald second edition

    A Study in Emerald (second edition)

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    It is 1882, and the Old Ones are already here. They arrived seven hundred years ago and have been ruling the planet ever since. The majority of people just get on with their lives, accepting their monstrous rulers. However, a growing band of revolutionaries wish to free mankind from their slavery. These freedom fighters call themselves the Restorationists. A secret war has already broken out between the Restorationists and the forces loyal to the Old Ones. The invention of...

  5. Aztlan


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    In the mythical land of Aztlán, four tribes strive to survive and prosper under the scrutiny of the gods themselves Peaceful coexistence brings wealth and prosperity to all, but the fearsome Aztec gods favor those who are mighty in war and bring to them their subdued enemies as cruel offerings... Only one of the four tribes will be granted the right to stay in this blessed land when the Time of Exile comes at the end of the Fifth Age of the Sun Guide your...

  6. Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expansion
    The Pegasus Expansion brings players the next chapter in the popular Syfy series In addition to new cards, this expansion introduces new characters and roles which allow players to act as Cylon Leaders, who can win or lose based on their own mysterious motivations New gameboards allow the players to explore both the Pegasus and New Caprica With the New Caprica Objective Card and board, humanity will be subjected to Cylon rule, and must defend themselves from...

  7. Bioshock Infinite: the Siedge of Colombia
    In the tabletop game BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, players will play as either the Founders or the Vox Populi and will build up an army to fight for control of Columbia by taking ground and completing important objectives At the same time, they'll be using their influence to sway various events that arise They'll also find themselves having to deal with Booker and Elizabeth who are running around Columbia creating havoc. It will have players combating...

  8. Bremerhaven


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    Bremerhaven is a clearly structured but complex economic game about the famous harbor town in the north of Germany Each player builds his own unique harbor and tries to reach the highest combination of money and prestige by the end of the game. Each round, players are trying to get the most influence on the action fields they want to use Since the influence cards are playedf face down, players have to watch closely what the others might be planning The...

  9. Brew crafters

    Brew Crafter

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    It’s a time of regrowth in the old urban center, and the hippest and best beer crafters have gathered both hops and hopes in building the best brewery in the city. It won’t be an easy task, as players compete for precious resources such as malt, hops and yeast in the local markets, all while managing and optimizing their growing bottling empires. In the boardgame Brew Crafters, players assume management of a local craft brewery, working hard to manage resources, use their...

  10. Brugge

    Bruges - NL

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    Bruges in the 15th century – culture and commerce flourish and make the city one of the wealthiest in Europe In 'Bruges', players assume the role of merchants who must maintain their relationships with those in power in the city while competing against one another for influence, power and status Dramatic events cast their shadows over the city, with players needing to worry about threats to their prosperity from more than just their...

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