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  1. zombie dice: brain case

    Zombie Dice: Brain Case

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    Upgrade your Zombie Dice with the Zombie Dice Brain Case… a stylish, noisy dice cup with a screw-on lid ringed with 13 braaaaaaaaiiins. Braaaaaiiins!! And it includes one zombie dice score Pad for easy brain counting This is not a stand-alone game - but an accessory for Zombie...

  2. zombicide: Special Guest kevin walker

    Zombicide: Special Guest Kevin Walker

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    Zombicide: special Guest Kevin Walker is an expansion for Zombicide and includes two survivors and their Zombivor counterparts both designed by Kevin Walker Kevin Walker spent years illustrating for British comic 2000 AD and Games Workshop and now is the regular penciller and inker on Avengers Arena for Marvel Comics. The two survivors are: Uncle Honk: Little is known about Uncle Honk, as he likes to call himself. Most people think that he used to work in a...

  3. zombicide: Special Guest Karl Kopinski
    Zombicide: special Guest Karl Kopinski is an expansion for Zombicide and includes two survivors and their Zombivor counterparts both designed by Karl Kopinski. Karl Kopinski currently works in a wide variety of fields and media including book illustration, concept design for the games industry, military history paintings and portraiture, and of course the legendary Magic: the Gathering cards The two survivors are: Angry Mary: Mary used to lead a peaceful...

  4. zombicide: Special Guest Adrian Smith

    Zombicide: Special Guest Adrian Smith

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    Zombicide: special Guest Adrian Smith is an expansion for Zombicide and includes two survivors and their Zombivor counterparts both designed by Adrian Smith. Adrian Smith is a illustrator/concept designer and is best known for his work with Games Workshop and numerous similar companies The two survivors are: Padre Johnson: Padre Johnson led his small flock during the early days of the apocalypse, until they were finally, inevitably overrun. The Padre was the...

  5. XCOM: The Boardgame - Evolution

    XCOM: The Boardgame - Evolution

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    Hello, Commander. The war continues, at great cost. We now believe another force is at work against us. If not dealt with swiftly, it could destroy us… XCOM: Evolution is an expansion for XCOM: The Board Game that complicates your war effort with new missions, enemies, and invasion plans, as well as mechanics that make your struggles more dangerous than ever. As the alien forces spread and peril increases, the sinister humans of the EXALT seek to take advantage of the chaos to...

  6. x-wing: Z-95 Headhunter

    X-wing: Z-95 Headhunter

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    In many ways, the Z-95 Headhunter was the precursor to the X-wing Though the Z-95 was later outclassed by the X-wing in most respects, it could perform a tighter turn and was cheap, durable, and reliable enough that the Rebel Alliance continued to make use of it throughout the Galactic Civil War, most commonly in close air support roles The Z-95 Headhunter enters the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game as the Rebel starfighter with the lowest squad point cost None of...

  7. X-wing: YT-2400

    X-wing: YT-2400

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    A fast and resilient light freighter, the YT-2400 features no fewer than thirteen weapon emplacement points, making it an attractive vessel for smugglers, mercenaries, and other individuals looking for a heavily armed 'transport'. Although a stock YT-2400 light freighter has plenty of space for cargo, much of that space is often annexed to support modified weapon systems and oversized engines. The YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack brings this formidable light freighter to your...

  8. X-Wing: X-Wing Expansion

    X-Wing: X-Wing

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    The X-Wing Expansion Pack contains one miniature together with 4 pilots and 5 new upgrades As the primary starfighter of the Rebellion, the X-Wing is a well-roundend machine that features power deflector shields, potent laser cannons and deadly proton torpedoes While less maneuverable than the Imperial Tie Fighters, the X-Wing has superior defensive capabilities, and under the command of an experienced pilot, an X-Wing performs remarkably in combat (1x...

  9. star wars: x-wing upsilon class shuttle

    X-Wing: Upsilon-Class Shuttle

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    Upsilon Class shuttles were used by the First Order's most elite agents, including the dreaded Kylo Ren. From these menacing command shuttles, the First Order's leaders could maintain control of the battlefield, coordinating their subordinates and crushing any opposition ith the shuttle's powerfull laser cannons The Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion pack for the boardgame Star Wars: X-wing allows players to reinforce their squadrons with one of these sturdy ships. In addition to...

  10. x-wing: tie phantom

    X-Wing: Tie Phantom

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    By adding a stygium crystal cloaking device to a modified V38 assault fighter that came equipped with both deflector shields and a hyperdrive, the developers of the TIE phantom created one of the most menacing starfighters in the galaxy! The TIE Phantom Expansion Pack brings this fearsome fighter to life in the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game with new rules for cloaking that allow it to slip off opponents' sensors in the middle of battle Imperial players will be able to...

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