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  1. carcassonne abbey and mayor

    Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor

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    Abbey and Mayor is the fifth expansion for the boardgame Carcassonne and adds 4 new modules to the base game The Abbey tiles act as cloisters but do not have to match adjacent tiles and they complete adjacent features when placed. Mayors can be placed only in cities, with their strength determined by the number of pennants in the city. Barns allow players to score fields during the game rather than just at the end and Wagons are placed on roads, cities, or cloisters, and can move...

  2. Carcassone: Inns and Cathedrals

    Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals

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    Inns and Cathedrals is the first major (reworked) expansion for the boardgame Carcassonne and brings a few new aspects to the game. Players now will have the opportunity of building imposing cathedrals and inns along the roads. The cathedrals will increase the value of cities, while the inns double the value of thieves. Adittionally, players receive a larger meeple, making it easier, or harder, to acquire those valuable majorities. The expansion also includes components...

  3. Carcassone: the princess and the dragon
    With the third (reworked) expansion for the boardgame Carcassonne, players move into the realm of fantasy The land around Carcassonne is being visited by a dragon, making life very difficult for the followers. Brave heroes venture forth to face the danger, but without the aid of the fairies, their chances are not good. In the city, the princess seeks help from the knights, and farmers build secret passages to move about undetected by the...

  4. Carcassonne traders and builders

    Carcassonne: Traders and Builders

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    Traders and Builders is the second major expansion for the boardgame Carcassonne and contains 24 tiles with new features such as bridges and cities Players can now build faster than ever before and score even more points by trading goods and nurturing a pig. The new builder meeples allows players to place more tiles in a single turn, while the pig meeple gives players more points when farming Also included is a linen bag to store the components and bring the game...

  5. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets

    Castles of King Ludwig: Secrets

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    What secrets are lurking in the shadows of King Ludwig's castle? Dozens of hidden swans are scattered throughout thirty new rooms. Surrounding and protecting the castle are new moats, making every room inside it even more valuable. The King has come up with more favours, including one for creating courtyards. Finally, secret passages enhance connections and muffle sound from activity rooms Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets is an expansion for the boardgame...

  6. Catan: Cities & Knights

    Catan: Cities & Knights

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    In Catan 'Cities & Knights' the players engage in the defense of Catan and compete to build the 3 greatest metropolises of Catan. Each of these magnificent centres are even more valuable than cities and are safe from the invading barbarians Players will have to invest in city improvements, which can be aquired by using 3 new commodities: coin, paper and cloth. Improve your culture, master your knights and enrich your fine cities to become the master of the great realm of...

  7. Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates

    Catan: Explorers and Pirates

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    Explore Catan! In Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates, the fourth expansion for the boardgame Settlers of Catan, players will build harbor settlements, ships, settlers and sailing crews and set out across mysterious seas in search of new lands, spices, fish and gold fields. They will have to challenge pirates on land and sea as they seek to win renown, use their ships to carry settlers and claim far away territories. They will have to chart unknown waters, so that they'll be able to...

  8. Settlers of Catan: explorers and Pirates 5-6 player extention
    Now 5 to 6 players can explore Catan's wild unknown seas in search of fish, spices or rich new lands for settlement. This extension for Catan: Explorers and Pirates allows a fifth and sixth player to join in the building, trading, colonizing, fishing, sailing, pirate battling, and spice trading fun ...

  9. Celestia a little help

    Celestia: A Little Help

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    A captain never abandons his ship, but sometimes he requires some help A Little Help is an expansion for the boardgame Celestia, allowing the passengers to give the captain a hand. But bluff and dirty tricks are still...

  10. clank! sunken treasures

    Clank!: Sunken Treasures

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    The deck-building boardgame Clank! continues, and this time get ready to get wet. Swim through flooded chambers in your search for great treasure. Recruit new companions for your deck and fight dangerous new monsters on your way to thieving glory A new challenge awaits. Will you dive into the watery depts, hoping your splashes don't draw the wrath of the angry dragon? Or will you stop to gear up and purchase a sorcery-created underwater breathing apparel from the...

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