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  1. Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal

    Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal

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    Dec 7, 1941 - War explodes across the Pacific when the Japanse attack the American flet at Pearl Harbor. By May 1942, Japan has spread across the Pacific and is treatening America's supply lines to Australia after building an airfield on the island of Guadalcanal The United States counters with an ill-prepared occupation of Guadalcanal's airfield with the 1st Marine Division. The Japanese retaliate with vengeance, cutting off the Marines by sea and pouring in thousands of Japanese...

  2. Bomber Command

    Bomber Command

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    Bomber Command is a game of the night war in the skies over the Reich in World War II and recreates the great RAF bombing raids against the heart of Germany and the defence of the German Luftwaffe's night fighter arm The German player must manage his rescources against the RAF raids, which are supported by Mosquito diversions, 'Gardening' operations and decoy raids There are two scenarios: 1 'Berlin' covers raiding from the 1943 Hamburg firestorm to the...

  3. BattleLore (Second Edition)

    BattleLore (Second Edition)

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    Prepare for fantasy battles beyond the wildest imagination with the onslaught of BattleLore Second Edition Set in the realm of Terrinoth, BattleLore Second Edition is a 2-player boardgame focused on squad-based battles between the hardy defenses of the Daqan Lords garrison in Nordgard Castle and the unleashed ferocity of the demon-worshipping Uthuk-Y'llan Players must strategically command their troops and use the power of lore to tip the ballance of the battles in...

  4. Battlelore second edition terrors of the mists
    Deep in the Land of Mists, mortal servants of Waiqar the Undying perform their dark rituals, adding to his undead host with every black moon. As the ranks of the undead grow, the mists spread, and more mortals fall prey to the hunting packs of the Terrors of the Mists. And now, the master calls upon his servants to strike. War has come, and the undead grow stronger with every mortal slain... Terrors of Mists, and expansion for the boardgame Battlelore (second edition), brings 5...

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